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With the advancement in computer, internet and gaming technologies it is no wonder that gambling had been extended to the internet too. Now anyone can enjoy its favorite online casino games without worrying about dressed up and leaving the house and going to a nearby casino. You can now had gambling experience right at your home because casino games are now available online and anyone could play these online casino games 24×7 very comfortably from their own dwelling with great ease.

Mostly for playing an online casino game you have to download the software of that very online casino game that you are willing to play it is mandatory for playing online casino games. The software of an online casino game is generally available on that very online casino game website that you are willing to play.

These days few online casino games websites were providing flash games, for playing these online flash games there is no need of downloading software you can play these online casino flash games directly without downloading software. Although the flash games are good for playing but there is a problem with these as for playing a flash game you must be online, the progress of the game is fully depended over the speed of your internet connection whereas downloadable casino games are more practical than the flash games as for playing the download games there is no need of opening a browser every time when you are willing to play, you can simply play these games conveniently on your computer.

As there are too many options available in the casino games, few of them are complex and confusing while other games need vast knowledge and definite strategies for playing them and there are simpler and easier games too especially for those who are not keen to play these strategic, confusing and complex games.

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Below there is a list of few simpler and easier games which are especially for those who are not keen to play these strategic, confusing and complex games.


Blackjack is one of the mostly well-known card games worldwide. The aim in this game is to attain a combination which is nearby to 21 as earlier as possible without getting over (smashed).


Roulette is basically offered to the players in two different forms one is the American Roulettes and the other one is European Roulettes. The basic difference between these two Roulettes is the European wheels had a single “0” and also had better winning odds which are more favorable for the player slightly whereas the American roulette wheels had two zeros (00).

Online Slots

Online slots are one of those simplest casino games that you can play online. In the starting of the game you had to choose an amount for your betting which could be from 0.05$ – 1$ per spin, you may choose higher amount per spin as per your own choice to play after it press the button for spinning the reels. Various slot machines offer several payouts for particular image line up combinations. You must find out in the pay tables of the slot machine on which you are playing that on which image and how many images in a particular row can make you win.


Craps is an exciting dice game. It is one of the fastest moving games at the casino’s tables with a huge variation of options for betting.


Keno is the simplest and entertaining game among all the casino games. In this game there is a big circular glass which contains balls numbered from 1-80 and you had to choose those numbers which you like, at the time of each draw 20 balls will be drawn, you had to match the number of your choices and the balls drawn at last the automatic Keno system itself calculates and gives the result of the game, the winning is depended upon the similarity between the drawn numbers and the numbers of yours choice.

There are too many types of casino games other than these you can find all of them online all of these popular casino games had been waiting for to be played and enjoyed as well by you.

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